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Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Excellence. They are the four tenets of Bullard’s Knight Code and they are what every Bullard student aspires to achieve. Bullard High School has something for everybody including college-level Advanced Placement courses, championship athletic teams, award-winning music programs, multiple career pathways, and high-interest clubs. Come experience the talented teachers, spirited students, and exceptional environment at Bullard High School. Select high-interest electives in performing and visual arts, science and world languages. Career Pathways extend your learning and provide technical skills while meeting college entrance requirements. Specialty courses such as Leadership and Link Crew provide opportunities to help fellow students grow intellectually and socially during their fun and productive high school years.

Pathways & Programs

  • Biomedicine: a Linked Learning pathway helping build students’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Students will engage in real-world health issues and topics to develop and understanding of anatomy and physiology with the goal to be effective, compassionate health care practitioners in their community.
  • Business Marketing & Technology: a Linked Learning pathway instructing in business marketing, sales and service. Students will utilize relevant technologies/software used in the industry as they engage in learning about graphic design, social media marketing and video production, while strengthening their skills to build a strong online presence for business.
  • Law & Social Justice: a Linked Learning pathway focusing on criminal and civil law, and concepts of equity, justice, and social advocacy. Students will develop strong communication skills, identify issues with justice and equity in society and become well-informed agents of change in their community.
  • Computer Science: a sequence of courses focusing on the skills needed for software development. Students learn to apply programming languages and analytical thinking to create solutions for a wide range of scientific, technological and social problems.

School Basics

  • 5445 N. Palm Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704
  • (559) 451-4320
  • Student Population: 2,600
  • Grades: 9 – 12
  • School Type: Traditional School with Pathway Programs
  • School Website:
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