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Central to the philosophy of the Fresno Unified School District is the belief that every individual can learn.  Inherent in this belief is our responsibility to prepare each student for a productive future while fostering an understanding of his/her heritage.  In supporting the core beliefs established by the school Board, our high schools promote academic rigor, high quality instruction, leadership, a safe and secure environment, and community.  Each high school provides the environment to meet the educational and social demands of a diverse population, instructional and extracurricular programs, and utilizes the resources of home, school, and community to meet the present needs and interests of students.  The total school process prepares all students for the challenge of the future in a complex world.

This High School Guide to Course Offerings describes the Fresno Unified School District’s course offerings for the 2020-2021 school year.  This catalog provides basic planning information so students and parents can develop a class schedule. Included in this booklet are the current Fresno Unified graduation requirements as well as UC/CSU admission requirements and NCAA eligibility standards.

Using these resources and with the support of their parents and counselor, students will be able to design their course schedule for the upcoming school year.  Fresno Unified students are encouraged to select classes that are both interesting and challenging to them.  Students should select courses that will best prepare them for post-secondary experiences and options.  Each high school counseling staff is ready to assist students and parents in the development of a personalized four-year plan.  The Fresno Unified School District’s commitment to parent involvement encourages and welcomes the continuous participation of parents during this planning process and throughout their student’s high school years. Parents are vital partners in their student’s high school success.  Please call upon your school’s educational staff whenever you are in need of assistance and for the most current course offerings.

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